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About Kevin Trudeau

As a leading consumer advocate, Kevin Trudeau's mission is to expose greed and corruption throughout corporate America. He separates fact from fiction to tell you how it is without technical jargon or complicated procedures. Holding true to his mantra of "knowledge is power" all of his best selling books are packed full of information that you can use to take control of your life. Kevin delivers the perfect trifecta with his writing and continues to inform hard-working citizens about the hypocrisy of politics.

A New York Times Best Seller List Author with Over 30 Million Books Sold Kevin Trudeau...

  • Is a Voice of the People and Fearless whistleblower
  • Sifts through withheld government information to empower average Americans
  • Strives to unravel the truth behind corporate and government shenanigans

With a career expanding over 20 years Kevin continues to give strategies and techniques for improving life, financial security, and well-being. The insider information he has exposed has helped countless individuals lead more informed lives.

Throughout this extensive career Kevin admits

"It is my curiosity that has launched these information packed books that have become my life; and truthfully, my curiosity has gotten me into a lot of hot water."

Pushing past his tribulations with the government Kevin preserves to give everyday citizens the information he knows they deserve. Kevin is a man we all want fighting for us. His books are a plethora of information anyone will be grateful to have!

Today, Kevin Trudeau hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show (www.ktradionetwork.com) that broadcasts to over 50 markets across the country. His global business empire has included TV networks, publishing, manufacturing, telecommunications, research organizations, media production and distribution, advertising, and consulting. Combined, these enterprises have generated billions of dollars in sales. He is now one of the most read authors of all time.